Girl Next Door – Sexart – Stefany Moon

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Sexart – Stefany Moon – Girl Next Door
Gorgeous Stefany Moon visits her neighbor Alberto Blanco, and wastes no time in jumping his bones and kissing him voraciously, as Andrej Lupin’s “Girl Next Door” begins. She whips off her dress so he can play with her tiny tits, before stepping out of her cute white panties. Giggling infectiously, Stefany starts to stroke Alberto’s huge cock. It has such a mighty girth that, having licked its bulbous head, she has to stretch her mouth wide in order to feed it inside. Straddling Alberto, Stefany finds fitting her neighbor’s massive dick inside her tight pussy as much of a challenge as it was getting it inside her mouth. Alberto holds Stefany’s hips as she gingerly slides herself onto his cock, riding it slowly at first, getting it deeper inside with each downward stroke; but once her pussy is wet enough she finds her rhythm and bucks her beautiful slender body harder and faster. They move into doggy, Alberto plunging his pole back inside Stefany’s pussy from behind, wrapping an arm around her waist to hold her in place. Now she is dripping wet, Stefany can take Alberto’s cock balls deep inside her slick slit with ease. Eyes closed and mouth agape in ecstasy, her fingers strum her clit frenziedly as she orgasms with shuddering intensity. The petite brunette rides Alberto’s cock in reverse cowgirl, climaxing for a second time, before jerking his creamy load out over her tummy. It’s a hot way for the sexy “Girl Next Door” to say welcome to the neighborhood.
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