Keep The Xmas Lights Tied On

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Keep The Xmas Lights Tied On – Cory Chase, Kali Roses, Juan El Caballo Loco.
It’s hard work cooking a holiday feast while making sure her teen stepson, Juan, and his girlfriend, Kali Roses, hang the balls on the tree instead of emptying Juan’s balls, but blonde MILF Cory Chase is doing her best. When she catches Kali slipping away to wrap her nude body in Christmas lights as a XXXmas treat for her boyfriend, Cory decides to teach the teen a lesson for shirking her decorating duties! The hot blonde domme gets Kali right where she wants her, licking Kali’s pussy and then sitting on her face. When Cory catches Juan watching them and jacking his cock, it turns into a merry Christmas threesome that will bring them all a very good night.

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